About Our Company

We are a relationship-driven company. Above all else we are acutely aware of the need for us as consultants to add value (add more benefits to the project than we take from it in fees) to every project we are involved in rather than just being there to earn a fee.

Our documentation and cost control techniques, developed over 35 years in the construction industry, when read in conjunction with the documentation provided by our design team partners provides comprehensive protection for our clients. We help them avoid the traps and pitfalls common in building projects that are not well managed.

Our financial reporting systems provide regular reliable budget updates so our clients can make informed decisions on expenditure with confidence. We are not simply recorders and certifiers of historical cost information. Our clients trust us to protect their financial interests.

Although project management has become our most predominant service, we are still essentially a Quantity Surveying practice, resulting in a strong emphasis on robust financial planning and cost control. As part of a team, our overriding aim is to consistently deliver well executed high quality building projects to our clients without surprises along the way - no surprises.